Accellion: Fortifying Insurance Data

The headlines shook the global insurance industry when two large health insurance companies were struck by a massive data breach. Anthem, one of the largest health insurers in the U.S. was breached with a simple password hack, causing the theft of unencrypted Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of 78.8 million existing and previous customers and employees. In addition to mitigation costs amounting to millions, the company also had to face fines for violating the data security regulation of the Health Insurance Accountability and Portability Act (HIPAA). While the industry was recovering from this incident, another pernicious data breach took place. This time, Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, another big name in the health insurance arena was pounded by sophisticated cyber attacks, affecting 11 million customers, resulting in consequences similar to that of Anthem.

kiteworks improves collaboration by bestowing enterprise users, project teams, and virtual data rooms with powerful, secure file sharing capabilities

The insurance industry is largely dependent on data like actuarial model, policies, claims, and the most important PII to run their businesses, which makes it susceptible to cyber attacks. Harboring these silos of data, insurance companies are confronting two major challenges— making content available to an increasingly mobile workforce, despite the fact that it is protected by rigorous security controls; and keeping PII safe from malicious or careless insiders and dangerous outsiders. This is where Accellion steps in, the company that provides enterprise class file-sharing and collaboration tools that secure content and streamline workflows for insurance companies. To keep hackers at bay, Accellion enables customers to retain ownership and control over their enterprise information. The state-of-the-art security features offered by the company include file tracking and reporting, anti-virus, file/ folder expiration, two factor authentication, remote wipe, and app whitelisting. All files are secured with the highest level of encryption and can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime by those who have clearance. Accellion ensures that the challenges of safeguarding PII do not stop insurance companies from being productive.

Secured Collaboration Platform

Insurance companies strive to secure enterprise content as data generation is skyrocketing. This data is stored across the IT network on disparate devices and in multiple content stores, making accessing, sharing, and collaborating on data extremely difficult. Insurance professionals require collaboration tools for improved communication and enhanced claims processing workflow. With kiteworks, Accellion’s enterprise-class, private cloud content collaboration solution, insurance professionals can securely collaborate on tailored policies, claims, and payments for greater consumer satisfaction, alongside meeting stringent regulatory compliance requirements. kiteworks features a three-tier private cloud architecture and mobile-first design with integrated productivity tools that enable secure creation, editing, annotation, and sharing of content on mobile devices, including universal access to enterprise content stores. kiteworks automates the delivery of claims documents and forms by unifying access to multiple content systems through a single pane of glass to accelerate claims processing among employees and authorized external parties. kiteworks improves collaboration by bestowing enterprise users, project teams, and virtual data rooms with powerful, secure file sharing capabilities. Users can easily share files with other authorized users. Employees can access content and collaborate securely from any mobile device—without a Virtual Private Network (VPN). kiteworks protects PII and other confidential data by storing it in secure containers—protected storage areas and protected memory on mobile devices, and includes automatic malware scanning to ensure that on-device data is always safe. Threaded discussions in workspaces give mobile workers instant access to the context of content, enabling them to understand how and why files have changed.

Insurance companies can protect sensitive information and intellectual property with enterprise-grade security features, including encryption of data in transit and at rest, granular access controls, monitoring of content distribution, digital watermarking, secure editing on mobile devices, and integration with other enterprise IT solutions, such as single sign-on and Data Loss Protection (DLP). Whether on-premises or in a dedicated hosting facility, private cloud content collaboration helps ensure the security, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of enterprise content. Leveraging kiteworks, customers have full control over their content and the encryption keys used to encrypt it. It also enforces data sovereignty for global deployments, ensuring that data governance complies with local laws and regulations.

Automating Interaction

Apart from maintaining the company’s core purpose of delivering full control of the content to enterprises, Accellion has opened the kiteworks platform for developers, enabling the design and development of custom enterprise applications. The kiteworks secure content platform includes enterprise grade APIs and mobile SDKs for a variety of mobile operating systems like iOS, Android, and Windows, that provide access to secure mobile container with integrated security and compliance control. To highlight these development features, Accellion has designed a reference application for the insurance industry—the Oops! app. This app automates the interactions and processes that ensue between an insurance agent and a policyholder post any unfortunate occurrence. For example, in case of a car accident, the app navigates the user through taking photos of the involved vehicles, recording the location of the accident, following up on tasks, uploading/ downloading and viewing/editing documents related to the incident. Oops! is a cloud app still tied to the enterprise, which means enterprises can maximize their functionality and security.

Foolproof Security

"Accellion ensures that the challenges of safeguarding PII do not stop insurance companies from being productive"

Today, more than 15 million business users and 2,500 leading enterprises— including insurance companies such as Pacific Life, Kaiser Permanente, and Sequoia—trust kiteworks to securely connect people to enterprise information from any device. Accellion has been named a leader in the Enterprise File Sync and Sharing category by Forrester Research and has bagged top accolades for security and knowledge management. Accellion’s positioning as a leader is a testament to its vision of enabling today’s mobile workforce to securely share and access business information, wherever work takes them. The risk of data breaches in insurance industry will continue augmenting and enterprises of all sizes will keep feeling the pressure to secure their most sensitive content while increasing productivity and operational efficiency. Secure content management—delivered through kiteworks—can help insurance companies address both these challenges and make data access both secure and convenient. Accellion is determined to continue creating innovative products that combine enterprise-grade security with the ease of use required by today’s employees, enabling enterprises to realize productivity gains without jeopardizing information security.

- Akanksha Minz
    January 30, 2017