Helix Security: Integrating Security into the Core of the Organization

CIO VendorDr. Kevin Streff, Founder & Director
Machine-to-machine, smart devices, social networking, and cloud migration are gathering speed. On the flipside, there is also a growing concern around the compromise of privacy and data security. Even government and commercial insurance organizations are threatened by sophisticated intrusion tactions. There is now a growing need to gather and analyze data on potential security risks through advanced measures. Not only will the demand for security-related products in the market rise, but insurance firms will themselves need to consider security as an important aspect. Sioux Falls, SD based Helix Security is intimate with these requirements and possesses the processes, and technologies to help organizations address these issues. “We are here to help organizations with cybersecurity protection, detection, and response,” begins Dr. Kevin Streff, Founder and Director, Helix Security.

With fraud and hack attacks becoming an ever-growing problem, the team at Helix Security understands the need for data security. Founded in 2011, Helix Security provides a wide array of managed security services to meet the needs of various industries, including Healthcare, Government, Insurance and more. Few of the security services include Risk Assessment, Information Security Audit, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing amongst others. Risk Assessment ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and security of electronic information collected in Insurance industry. Information Security Audit monitors rapidly changing technologies to enable insurance agent to deliver and support new products, services and delivery channels.Vulnerability Assessment scans insurance organization’s network for the most critical vulnerabilities. Penetration Testing provides organization an electronic copy of testing report that outlines vulnerabilities and recommendations to mitigate strategic risks.

We provide security programs that are easily manageable and help insurance organizations to protect data and network from spam, viruses, and malware

When an organization gets a breach alert, Helix Security is there to help them. Analyzing the gathered evidence of a breach, they understand the extent of the breach. “We assist in performing a risk assessment on the incident specifics and guide organizations in deciding whether there was electronic information breach,” said Streff. These services are important to protect the organizations from fraudsters. In insurance industry clients’ data moves onto the company database and turns into digital information which will lead to the loss of productivity and reputation of the organization. “We provide security programs that are easily manageable and help insurance organizations to protect data and network from spam, viruses, and malware,” states Streff.

For over a decade now, Dr. Kevin Streff, the founder has served as the Director of the National Center for Information Security. Under his direction, the NCIS has worked closely with businesses to develop strategies and tools to assist organizations in complying with federal and state regulations. He originally developed intellectual property and information technology assets related to the banking and financial services industry. As founder of Helix Security, Dr. Streff has applied this knowledge to other industries.

“We pride ourselves on customer service and our ability to seamlessly integrate information security into your organization's business structure,” said Streff. Helix brings a different approach and service excellence to fulfill the unique security needs of the modern insurance organization. With unparalleled solutions, Helix Security is focusing on cybersecurity and has launched a new cybersecurity initiative to protect the customer’s data. In the days to come Helix Security will be launching SMB Security Assessment Tool to help small businesses to manage security policies in a much simplified fashion.