Protegrity: Providing Security without Compromise

Suni Munshani, CEO, ProtegritySuni Munshani, CEO
Cyber attacks against financial services institutions, including insurance firms, are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated. Insurance firms often possess large amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI); safeguarding such information in digital format is technologically challenging and expensive. Recent cyber security breaches should serve as a stern wake up call for insurers and other financial institutions to strengthen their cyber defenses and protect their valuable data assets. Protegrity allows these organizations to maximize security with minimal impact on day-to-day business operations, efficiently balancing business needs and security demands. “Our enterprise-class data security platform supports heterogeneous IT ecosystems, including both buy and build scenarios, getting as close to truly platform-agnostic as possible,” says Suni Munshani, CEO of Protegrity. “We deliver high performance and scalability across all platforms and ensure data is secured and easily recovered from archives tomorrow.” The company offers Protegrity Data Security Platform—designed to support efforts to move toward a proactive, risk-adjusted security strategy to protect data from acquisition to deletion, driven by the organiza-tions’ specific data security policies.

The company’s singular focus is to develop and deliver solutions that protect data throughout its lifecycle without getting in the way of business. By leveraging the knowledge and experience of leading tokenization specialists, Protegrity provides unprecedented levels of data security across big data clusters, cloud environments, data¬bases, mainframes, and virtually every other component of the heterogeneous enterprise. Protegrity’s business is built around the Protegrity Data Security Platform that transparently encrypts and tokenizes data to align with business requirements. The company works closely with the payment processor/gateway sector and with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Council and was instrumental in developing the PCI DSS tokenization guidelines for merchants.

Protegrity is an innovator in the data security industry, with the capability to move quickly and support new technologies, and grow alongside their customers and partners.

Protegrity’s advanced data security enables compliant, responsible handling and extraction of value from sensitive data, by delivering data privacy and security while maintaining usability

“Working with some of the largest enterprises for many years, listening to their needs and requests, we are continuously evolving the security platform to meet the growing challenges and support large enterprises today and into the future,” explains Munshani. “Protegrity’s advanced data security enables compliant, responsible han-dling and extraction of value from sensitive data, by delivering data privacy and security while maintaining usability.” The platform is also comprised of the Enterprise Security Administrator (ESA)—the central tool for enterprise-wide management of policy, key material, auditing and reporting—and Data Protectors that enforce security policy in each installed system.

Another key offering of Protegrity is its scalable solution for protecting data before and after it moves to the cloud. The Protegrity Cloud Gateway (PCG) offers scalable data security controls for cloud-based applications, addressing security, privacy, data residency and compliance without affecting transparency or usability. An example illustrating Protegrity’s expertise is that of a major financial institution that required sensitive employee performance and compensation data de-identification within the Xactly cloud platform. The company implemented PCG to secure sensitive data within the Xactly cloud platform, along with a no-code, configurable security management console, based on Protegrity’s Enterprise Security Administrator software. This resulted in the client being able to maintain compliance with corporate security standards and granted critical business processes secure access to sensitive data for authorized analytics and reporting.

Protegrity’s award winning software products and innovative technology are backed by over 17 industry patents, all of which elevate the Protegrity Data Security Platform above point solutions. “For the days to come, we want to continue delivering centrally managed and controlled data security that protects sensitive information across the enterprise,” concludes Munshani.