Risk Based Security: Combating Cyber Threats using Analytics

Barry Kouns, President & CEO, Risk Based SecurityBarry Kouns, President & CEO
Insurance companies have emerged as the coveted targets for cyber criminals. The data such as clients’ transactions through credit cards or bank accounts, and the policy information attract hackers. This is a huge liability for the insurance providers that results in total loss of customers’ trust. All these factors necessitate data security solutions tailor-made for the insurance sector. Risk Based Security, a specialist in information security and cyber risk analytics based in Richmond, VA, has achieved tremendous success in this arena. “We continue to be recognized as the leading provider of vulnerability intelligence and vendor risk ratings solutions in the market,” says Barry Kouns, President and CEO, Risk Based Security.

Risk Based Security’s primary solution towards securing the data of insurance companies is VulnDB, a comprehensive and time vulnerability intelligence service. VulnDB provides actionable information on the latest vulnerabilities that could affect an enterprise database, through a user-friendly Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portal or a (Representative State Transfer) ReSTful Application Program Interface (API). VulnDB’s ability to scan for risks covers third party libraries and end-user software, as well. Subscription to VulnDB service enables an organization with a thorough understanding of the various metrics and ratings and how they factor in an organization’s risk profile.

A second flagship offering of Risk Based Security, is the Cyber Risk Analytics that enables organizations to mitigate all the potential threats to themselves and their vendors. Subscribers are supported by a ‘threat intelligence’ containing data on organizations that have been exposed to data breaches. A pre-breach rating offered by Risk Based Security helps their clients in obtaining a deeper insight into all the metrics that raise the possibility of a cyber risk, in order to scale up the digital hygiene of an enterprise.

We continue to be recognized as the leading provider of vulnerability intelligence and vendor risk ratings solutions in the market

A complete set of analytics along with comprehensive reports, threat vectors and more are provided on a dashboard to identify industry-specific security risks. As a fully integrated solution to combat hackers and phishers, Cyber Risk Analytics has allowed Risk Based Security to differentiate itself from all its competitors in the market.

Another differentiation factor for Risk Based Security is its Research team that conducts extensive research into the various vulnerability factors plaguing the industry. This has helped the company in catering to its customers better. In a certain case, the company on a third party suggestion and a research on the feedback on the product, tested PC Matic—a combined security and system optimization solution owned by PC Pitstop LLC. Once it had the findings on its table, Risk Based Security contacted PC Pitstop LLC’s support and security contact team. In spite of not being a competitor or an affiliate of Risk Based Security, PC Pitstop was warm and responsive towards the findings of Risk Based Security. Public disclosure of the results made after obtaining the consent from PC Pitstop, helped the users of PC Matic in understanding better whether or not it was the right security solution for them. The company has a huge archive of reports published based on the evaluation of third party anti-malware products by its research team.

Going ahead, Risk Based Security intends to enhance its research work on cyber attacks and threat vectors to help enterprises in maintaining the confidentiality and integrity of their data. This, the company believes is essential for all businesses to maintain their competitive edge in the market. Needless to say, the mission to safeguard the customers’ data round-the-clock has given Risk Based Security, a business advantage.