SecureKey Technologies: Identity and Authentication Solution for a Secured Login

Charlie Walton, CEO , SecureKey TechnologiesCharlie Walton, CEO
With the rising usage of online services and transactions, whether for shopping, bill payment, social networking, or simple information consumption, incidents of online fraud and identity theft has hit an all-time high. To defend against these security attacks, businesses today are on the lookout for methods to control and manage their firm’s identity and access control. Having over three decades of experience in the information security arena, a Toronto, ON based firm SecureKey, provides identity and authentication solutions for online consumer services, to mitigate security risks. “Organizations, especially insurance providers experience difficulties in authenticating their services; leading to losing their credibility and potentially damaging their brand,” extols Charlie Walton, CEO, SecureKey. Insurance firms today are tasked with granting access to critical information for both their partners and clients. With increasing pressure from competitors, regulatory bodies, and the threat landscape; insurance providers face a number of security risks. “At SecureKey, we provide an identity federation and authentication platform that allows insurance organizations to comply with the numerous security and regulatory requirements,” mentions Watson.

The most common threat vector for both the end-users and providers lies in storing passwords. “Several researches and studies reveal that, as the passwords of old are taking their last bow, most enterprises are in search for advanced security capabilities, to ensure the integrity of their systems and data,” says Walton. Befitting the name, ‘SecureKey,’ securely links their clients ID to trusted devices to eliminate the need to store passwords and helps consumers with the choice, control, and convenience to access the services they require. This improved version of user experience is achieved with SecureKey’s high-performance, easy-to-use, and strong dynamic authentication platform, which delivers cost-effective and risk-free authentication for millions of online users, while improving the user experience.

Our vision is to build highly scalable cloud-based identity networks that help enterprises to deliver high-value secure services to their clients

“Our vision is to build highly scalable cloud-based identity networks that help enterprises to deliver high-value secure services to their clients,” notes Walton. This consumer-friendly platform provides its customers with strong authentication with their online, mobile, and in-person identity and authentication applications.

The proliferation of weak user passwords on the internet, results in an additional burden of managing the risk for both users and service providers, impacting the existing online services and the ability to offer new higher value services. SecureKey’s briidge. net solution addresses consumer and citizen authentication and identity management, with its suite of cloud-based services used to create trusted identity networks. “With these authentication solutions, we help businesses, to enhance privacy, create trust, and increase convenience for its users,” delineates Walton.

In the competitive economy, SecureKey’s proficiency is based on its ability to work across several sectors such as financial services, government, healthcare, converged commerce, and extended enterprises, while minimizing their security challenges. Tackling the challenges specific to the insurance sector, the firm’s briidge. net Exchange solution enables insurance organizations to expand the value of their credentials empowering customers with added convenience while visiting government and other online services,” articulates Walton.

Focused at reducing the online security challenges faced by the enterprises, SecureKey recently launched SecureKey Concierge, which is driving the era of convenience, security and privacy, with its web-based critical applications and services. “This solution is developed to resolve two major security issues—password proliferation and verification of the user identity,” says Walton. Working with technology partners, SecureKey will continue to increase the range of the Concierge services, in the upcoming years.